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Classical brand

Our classic product segment offers a ‘full carefree package’ of
aesthetically attractive, consumer-friendly decorative fabrics.

One particular highlight are the distinctive characteristics of wide
functionality, easy washing, elegantly draping fabrics and, particularly important, non-fading.

The basis for our wide range of products is single-colour fabrics, some available in over 50 colours.

According to our knowledge we probably offer the widest range of embroidered textiles and
jacquard. We’re also known as the “kings of crash”.

“We guarantee four years of availability at the best
price-performance ratio”

The design is created by our in-house designer Said Shohreh
and manufactured at the best production locations worldwide.

Pure Living Fabrics

Classical collection
in top quality

The premium collection “Pure Living” is the pride of our portfolio. Top quality yarns are turned into the most elegant fabrics using
state-of-the-art technology.

This high-end textile collection is characterised by intricate fabrics, metallic yarns, cord embroidery, silks, leather, linen, wet printing using up to 24 templates.

Basic textile concepts of our designer Evelina Antuono are currently being interpreted into premium decorative fabrics.
Examples are custom decorative fabrics with red floral appliqués, interpreted
into a printed fabric, a plastic jacquard fabric or an extremely intricate fabric with

“An elegant house finds tops quality and image in the top price segment for its discerning customers.”


Classical collection
at entry level

This collection of colourful, bold decorative fabrics serves a
price-conscious market. It’s our entry level where trendy, everyday
taste is more important than our company’s aesthetic standards. The absolute focus is on commerce.

Even one-off “price cutters” are available within
this concept – based on the sales principle:

“first come, first serve!”

Also very interesting for wholesalers interested in decorative fabrics for price-
driven campaigns. Also available as ready-made drapes or cushions.

“Available once, while supplies last, at a hot price.”


Classical collection
with special properties

All fabrics with the additional designation MyFR meet at least fire
protection class B1 according to current German fire protection
standards. Fabrics suitable for use in commercial buildings.
The segment with a certain growth potential

By definition, fire protection class B1 fabrics must extinguish after removing the fire source. Non-flammable fabrics, on the other hand, are primarily made from components which will not ignite and must therefore be distinguished from fire resistant fabrics.

“We’re a very strong partner for textiles with special properties, like dimout fabrics or
flame-retardant fabrics for use in commercial buildings.”

We offer basics such as cambric at a very attractive price. The typical stock in
our warehouse is over 1,000 metres per colour when ordered.

“Our core competence: high-quality jacquards in FR in narrow and wide.”


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custom collection
made to size


Custom textile solutions for plumbing areas in building.
Tailored to a specific style and the specified structural factors, we offer fabric shower curtains in custom sizes, including single-unit production.

Available in solid-coloured or patterned, softly flowing fabrics in 100 percent polyester or TreviraCS. These textile qualities are anti-static and water-repellent, and TreviraCS is further flame-resistant according to DIN4102 B1.

These unique items are available by the metre, or ready-made to size with grommets, curtain tape, or as required for the specific site.

Manufactured at our manufacturing facilities. This factory production allows us to offer countless variations. The entire manufacturing takes place at our Krefeld site.

“Privacy and protection from water guaranteed.”


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custom collection
in an exclusive design


One of our outstanding tasks is developing so-called private labels for global customers such as industrial companies, publishing
companies and wholesalers.

Here we draw on our concentrated expertise as a service portfolio to implement creative ideas, often from graphic designers outside the
textile industry, into textile end products.

This ranges from recreating bestsellers, creating exclusive designs,
harmonic colour compositions, all the way to “just give us something smashing…”.

We create these wonderful unique textiles throughout our entire brand segments such as Pure Living Fabrics, Trendy, myFR, DDF and last but not least in our new division OceanSafe.

Examples are:

– exclusive decorative fabrics or bedding for hotels

– flame-resistant B1 decorative fabrics for healthcare facilities

– towelling for spas and recreation centres

– curtains and upholstery fabrics for senior residences