The new
gen­er­a­tion of tex­tiles


Sus­tain­able and beau­ti­ful -
Prod­ucts to help save the envi­ron­ment

The pol­lu­tion of our oceans all over the world with vast quan­ti­ties of plas­tic waste and microplas­tics has opened our eyes and moti­vat­ed us to achieve sus­tain­able pos­i­tive effects for peo­ple and the envi­ron­ment by devel­op­ing a stand­alone line of tex­tiles which are entire­ly free from harm­ful sub­stances and to make an active con­tri­bu­tion to work­ing towards a future solu­tion to this seri­ous issue.

Accord­ing to the mot­to: “If you don’t put any tox­ic sub­stances into a prod­uct, the prod­uct nev­er releas­es any tox­ic sub­stances!”, all the tex­tiles with the OceanSafe™ qual­i­ty label are com­plete­ly biodegrad­able and, at the end of the life cycle, become nutri­ents for future gen­er­a­tions.

The key dif­fer­ence between this prin­ci­ple and that of recy­cling is that, with Ocean Safe prod­ucts, the bio­log­i­cal cycle of the tex­tile and its com­po­nents is defined ear­ly on at the prod­uct devel­op­ment stage and is the focal point.

OceanSafe™ is intend­ed to become the qual­i­ty seal in the sus­tain­able tex­tile indus­try. It at least meets the stan­dards of the Cra­dle to Cra­dle Cer­ti­fied™ Gold cer­tifi­cate and, with regard to the mate­r­i­al health fac­tor, even the Cra­dle to Cra­dle Cer­ti­fied™ Plat­inum cer­tifi­cate. In some areas, it even meets the strict para­me­ters of the Glob­al Organ­ic Tex­tile Stan­dard (GOTS).

The OceanSafe range

The range includes three mate­r­i­al groups:

  • OS nat­ur­al fibres, Cleopa­tra cot­ton, biodegrad­able
  • OS petro­chem­i­cals 1 and 2, poly­ester replace­ment, biodegrad­able
  • OS acid-based poly­mer, flame-retar­dant, biodegrad­able
  • OS man­u­fac­tur­ing acces­sories — cur­tain slid­ers, but­tons, hooks, tapes, fas­ten­ings — biodegrad­able

The fol­low­ing col­lec­tions are already on the mar­ket:

  • The first and only bed­ding and tow­els to have achieved the Cra­dle to Cra­dle Cer­ti­fied™ Gold cer­tifi­cate.
  • The only cur­tain col­lec­tion in the world to have achieved fast­ness to light 6, as well as being dimen­sion­al­ly sta­ble, com­pa­ra­ble in terms of qual­i­ty with poly­ester prod­ucts, biodegrad­able and cer­ti­fied with Cra­dle to Cra­dle Cer­ti­fied™ Gold.
  • The world’s first syn­thet­ic, flame-retar­dant tex­tile fibres which are biodegrad­able and have been devel­oped by OceanSafe.

Care­ful­ly thought-out – from the start to the fin­ish

Ocean Safe tex­tile prod­ucts are man­u­fac­tured with­out any harm­ful sub­stances at all under the strictest envi­ron­men­tal cri­te­ria through­out the entire life cycle.

All of the raw mate­ri­als and mate­ri­als which are processed are uncon­t­a­m­i­nat­ed and free from pes­ti­cides and oth­er harm­ful sub­stances. This also applies in the same way for acces­so­ry parts, such as but­tons (on bed­ding) or slide rails (for cur­tains and drapes) and for pack­ag­ing mate­ri­als and brochures.

Ocean Safe tex­tile prod­ucts are man­u­fac­tured in accor­dance with the holis­tic cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­i­ty rules, which take into con­sid­er­a­tion:

  • Mate­r­i­al health and recy­cla­bil­i­ty
  • Min­imised water con­sump­tion and the use of alter­na­tive ener­gy sources
  • Social jus­tice for all work­ers involved in the process

A true cycle

Tex­tiles are amongst the most impor­tant con­sumer goods all over the world and, as a result of the inten­sive use of these goods (clean­ing, wash­ing) and the short life cycle asso­ci­at­ed with them, are one of the major cul­prits for releas­ing microplas­tics into the envi­ron­ment. If you con­sid­er the entire prod­uct cycle from the very start with the goal of stop­ping any fur­ther waste prod­ucts in the tra­di­tion­al sense from being pro­duced, it is nec­es­sary for prod­ucts to be able to be rein­tro­duced into the bio­log­i­cal cycle. This is the idea of the Cra­dle to Cra­dle® prin­ci­ple upon which the Ocean Safe prod­ucts are based.

There­fore, all Ocean Safe prod­ucts can be intro­duced into the bio­log­i­cal cycle in full and are 100 per cent biodegrad­able, includ­ing the acces­sories, from the yarn to the but­tons. The tex­tiles are processed to cre­ate fin­ished prod­ucts in cer­ti­fied sewing stu­dios and are also deliv­ered in pack­ag­ing which is 100% biodegrad­able.

After the life cycle, the prod­uct can be giv­en back and is then trans­formed into nutri­ents and bio­gas using indus­tri­al com­post­ing meth­ods. These nutri­ents form the basis for all new raw mate­ri­als.

These select raw mate­ri­als are then used to cre­ate a new Ocean Safe prod­uct again.