Core competence

I have been active “in matters related to textiles” since 1998. After my years travelling as an interior decorator and textiles designer, which allowed me to broaden my experience horizon, I most recently
completed my master’s degree at the Schweizerische
Textilfachhochschule. Based on these three pillars of success,
education, experience and knowledge, as the successor to the founder of Deco Design Fürus GmbH, Ulrich Fürus, I would now like to open new business fields related to home textiles.

As a textiles expert with 30 years of experience I consider my main task to be “cleaning up” some areas within the company and “breathe new life” into it.
This particularly applies to the classical core competence decorative fabrics, to which I would like to add the units custom shower curtains and sensational ecological textiles.

“I’m very confident I will succeed”

That’s a promise!

Manuel Schweizer
– Managing Director –


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We’re a classical medium-sized commercial company in the field of decorative fabrics founded in Krefeld in 1987 by Ulrich Fürus.

We saw particular success as a designer for collections and supplier for
well-known textile houses and wholesalers.

The backbone of our company is a team – Human Resources – of 20 employees with industry-specific knowledge, individual skills and the necessary motivation.

At our design studio, among other things we design fabrics for our customers which we then
have produced by international partners with a specific speciality competence. If interested,
customers can further purchase exclusive designs from us, or purchase finished textile products.

Our warehouse in Krefeld/Germany stocks about 3 million metres of fabric for customers throughout the year, serving as a warehouse.

We have solid plans to generate new business units in the future.


During the 18th and 19th centuries, Krefeld was home to entire dynasties of silk manufacturers.

The most successful of them all, the “silk barons”, achieved great wealth, status and independence from the influence of the authorities. They all helped to bring prosperity and world-renown to Krefeld. At the time, practically the entire European aristocracy wore extravagant, exclusive handkerchiefs, stockings, ribbons and garments made from Krefeld velvet and silk. By choosing Krefeld as the location for its offices, Deco Design Fürus taps into centuries of tradition in the “city of silk and velvet”. A mere 25 kilometres, or just a 30-minute drive on the motorway, separate the company from the international airport at Düsseldorf.

All of this makes Krefeld the ideal location for a future with history, for innovation with tradition and for regional ties with connections to the international markets.