• Classic

    In the classical field of our decorative fabrics, we present a new collection by our Italian designer Evelina Antuono. Her basic textile ideas were subsequently multiplied with different techniques for different price classes by our in-house designer Said Shohreh. From consumable affordable, to very high quality, such as a fabric with applied red flowers, one as a commercial printing material, one as a plastic Jacquard fabric and one as a fabric with complex applications.

  • Individual

    Custom textile solutions for plumbing areas in building.
    Tailored to a specific style and the specified structural factors, we offer fabric shower curtains in custom sizes, including single-unit production.

    Available in solid-coloured or patterned, softly flowing fabrics in 100 percent polyester or TreviraCS. These textile qualities are anti-static and water-repellent, and TreviraCS is further flame-resistant according to DIN4102 B1.

    These unique items are available by the metre, or ready-made to size with grommets, curtain tape, or as required for the specific site.

  • Sensational

    The trademark OceanSafe is the first to offer textile end products which are generated completely pollutant-free to strict ecological
    criteria along the entire value chain (life cycle).

    This applies to cultivation, processing, all assembly and residue-free recycling.

    OceanSafe is the solution of the future to prevent additional waste and pollutants in the environment. All OceanSafe products are
    biodegradable and become nutrients. All components are absolutely safe for the biological cycle. Before each OceanSafe product is developed, we consider the end of its useful life to return the product to the biological cycle. This results in the use of high-quality raw materials. Quality and ecology is not an oxymoron.