Aes­thet­ics meets

MyPRO con­tract fabrics

Our exper­tise for your con­tract range

Fur­nish­ing in the con­tract sec­tor is a chal­lenge for every tex­tile sup­pli­er. Smart tex­tile solu­tions are sought here: for the hotel and cater­ing sec­tor, for fur­nish­ing offices and pub­lic build­ings, for facil­i­ties in the health­care sec­tor and also for fur­nish­ing in ship­build­ing and caravanning.

The require­ments that tex­tile prod­ucts have to meet are cor­re­spond­ing­ly com­plex. This is also a con­stant chal­lenge for our design­ers and prod­uct devel­op­ers. Thanks to their expe­ri­ence and know-how, they man­age to find the right bal­ance between aes­thet­ics and func­tion­al­i­ty in their cre­ations. The most impor­tant thing for us is that our fab­rics offer a con­crete addi­tion­al benefit.

offices & pub­lic building

hos­pi­tals & care facilities

hotel & cater­ing industry

cruise & caravanning