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sur­round sound

myA­coustics collection

Sound­proof­ing tex­tiles for the con­tract sector

With our new col­lec­tion myA­coustics, we offer our cus­tomers an exten­sion in the field of intel­li­gent tex­tiles for use in the con­tract sector.

Our inno­v­a­tive fab­rics con­tribute in par­tic­u­lar to sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved room acoustics. This is because the mate­ri­als of mod­ern archi­tec­ture, such as glass, con­crete and steel, gen­er­ate an unpleas­ant rever­ber­a­tion in the room due to their smooth sur­faces, which can be absorbed by textiles.

The basis of our myA­coustics con­tract col­lec­tion is formed in par­tic­u­lar by plain fab­rics in mut­ed col­ors — the focus is on functionality.

DDF dif­fer­en­ti­ates between light­weight fab­rics that have been spe­cial­ly devel­oped to absorb sound in order to min­i­mize rever­ber­a­tion in the room, and sur­faces that cre­ate opti­mal sound den­si­ty, for exam­ple as room dividers in open-plan offices.

  • Intel­li­gent tex­tiles with inge­nious addi­tion­al benefits
  • World firsts
  • Sound-absorb­ing appli­ca­tions in acoustic fabrics
  • Sound­proof tex­tile surfaces
  • Improved room acoustics
  • Light and versatile