Decorative Fabrics

We offer a very broad range of decorative fabrics. The basis is formed by single-colour fabrics in over 50 colours, along with embroidered textiles, jacquard fabrics or crash. Right now print fabrics are in vogue, which are in particularly high demand for the 2020/2021 season.


Designing is our core business. Our designers will be becoming increasingly visible – such as with their signature on the fabric selvedges. We turn designs from outside designers into wide-ranging collections in-house which tell the whole story.


Italian designer Evelina Antuono developed various basic textile concepts for us, which we have been able to implement in various techniques and different price ranges – from a top price-performance ratio all the way to very high-grade products.

Global Logistics

In logistics we handle planning, control and inspection of the material and immaterial commodity flow for our customers during order processing, among manufacturing partners and between wholesale and end customers.


In addition to a diverse, wide and deep product range, our customers benefit from guaranteed exclusives, pre-financing in form of stock-keeping, purchasing by 60 meter quantities, generous discounts on samples and 4 year guaranteed availability.